Daily Polish Challenge 5

Answers to yesterday’s challenge:


Nie mam czasu. Idę do pracy.


(c) kilkoro


At the beginning of the 20th century vaccinations against tetanus, bubonic plague and cholera were known to mankind. Although many diseases were curable, there were no shortage of medical challenges. One of them was avitaminosis, which caused a number of difficult to treat or incurable diseases such as thiamine deficiency, rickets, scurvy and anaemia. Then, an eminent Polish scientist opened a new chapter in biochemistry. Kazimierz Funk, who passed his A levels at 16 years old and four years later completed his PhD in biology, made one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of medicine. He was only 27 years old when Funk discovered the concept of vitamins.

You can read more about Kazimierz Funk here 

General knowledge quiz

Pisanki are decorated eggs and are traditional part of Easter celebrations.

Today’s challenge:


How would you respond to the the following question:

Przepraszam, czy mówi pan po polsku?


Write the verbs in brackets in their correct form.

Wczoraj w nocy złodzieje (ukraść) słynne dzieło sztuki z Muzeum Narodowego. Policja (poszukiwać) sprawców.  Na miejscu są technicy kryminalistyki – (badać) i (zabezpieczać) ślady włamania.  


What do these phrases mean in Polish?

(a) wieś zabita dechami

(b) wziąć nogi za pas

(c) siedzieć jak na tureckim kazaniu

(d) zrobić kogoś w konia

General knowledge question:

Where in Poland can you see these sculptures?